21 December 2011

Tabletop 1.3 update available today!

The latest version of the modular audio environment for iPad has tons of great additions:

  • New Devices – a 303, drum machine, glitch effect, distortion and EQ
  • New Features – swing and extended tempo range 
  • New Content – three demo songs, over 20 factory tone matrix presets and contributions from artists Oh No, Salva, +verb and Pete Sasqwax in the drum machine, tone matrix, keyboard and sampler

In conjunction with the release we’re having a Tabletop contest on SoundCloud as well.  Users submit their best Tabletop track by January 20, 2012 for a chance to win a SoundCloud Pro Membership — over $300 in value!

We’re incredibly excited for this release — it’s the biggest one since launch and really increases the scope of the app.

Learn more on Retronyms.com or check it out in the App Store!




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