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Holy Other: With U (Tri Angle)

There are some nice chuggy grooves on this spooky EP from Holy Other. It’s not surprising that Tri Angle snatched the Manchester act up given its tendency for slowed down sounds and reverb, coming off like a sluggish, more atmospheric complement to sample-heavy acts of the past like Art of Noise. Many of the tracks plod along with downtempo ease, but “Touch” has a nice broken beat that ties in neatly with dubstep (and post-whatever) trends, lending it a feeling of being quite current. The title track is almost elegaic, so poised and elegant, trotting at a much slower pace than average, but never sounding sluggish or sedate. On paper many of the defining characteristics of the music here seem by-numbers: slowed tempo, pitched down drums, gloomy atmospheres, vocal loops and fragments, “chill wave,” “witch house,” etc. etc. etc. But rest assured, like some other Tri Angle acts like Balam Acab, Holy Other is a cut above the rest, well worth checking out. One of my favorite finds of the last many months, highly recommended.

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