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ASC: Stutter (Exit Records)

I’ve really been enjoying this single from British producer ASC (né James Clements). Once again this is my first exposure to a guy with a formidable backcatalogue, six albums and dozens of EPs and singles. I was introduced to this one via new release listings and samples and the odd take on bass/dubstep caught my ear. “Stutter” lives up to its name with a jerky, stuttering drum riff that dominates the track. It’s a pretty aggressive halfbeat, simultaneously plodding and shuddering while the stuttering counterparts course through in double-time. The bass has a vague distortion applied, giving it some teeth to complement the airy pads and sparse melodic elements that creep into the mix. Its repetitive 1-2-3-4 bass pound is infectious, working like a hook even though it really is just a big loud pitched kick drum. B-side “Leviathan” is another cool, dense jam, less schizophrenic and more straightforward, but no less contagious. Layers of synths and effects that rebound within the space make it far more complex than it sounds at first, and its more regular downtempo gated groove and chilled chords make it difficult not to bob my head in time. Really good stuff!

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ASC – Stutter – EXIT 029 – A by Exit Records UK