2 February 2011


Matthew Mercer – “And The Sky Opened Up” 

Being the featured artist of the day (well, at least through their FB page) Soundcloud introduced me to this fella. Listening to his album “Pianissimo Possible” I didn’t like every single song, but most of his stuff is very very good, as is the song from the wonderful video above, which is free for download here.

Matthew Mercer has been producing electronic music for the last 10+ years under his own name, the alias Systm and as one half of electro-pop duo Microfilm. His music ranges from complete abstraction to bright pop tracks. Records for Christian Morgenstern’s Forte label and Neutonmusic were focused around techy, glitchy, cut-up sounds, apt for the dancefloor as much as for at-home listening. Compilation appearances for Mathias Schaffhäuser’s Ware label, Neutonmusic, SubVariant and more reflect this focal point as well, but his solo offerings in his own digital Fiche imprint are more versatile. Mercer continues to explore the fringes of dance music, focusing most recently on more dramatic piano compositions. The first release, Turbulence, presents this new sound as a teaser for the soon-to-be-released full-length album, Pianissimo Possibile.

As one half of Microfilm, Mercer has helped push the duo forward with their own signature style of pop hooks, glitchy breakdowns and cross-genre idiosyncracies. He’s worked on remixes (both official and unofficial) for artists such as Mathias Schaffhäuser, Codec & Flexor, Freezepop, Ladytron, Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, Peroxide Mocha and more.

In 2010, he collaborated with Charles Fenech by joining the ranks of AngelTheory in their US tour, and on a side project, Jumberlack & the Cobra. As a DJ, Mercer is versatile, working with both traditional vinyl (mostly minimal techno/tech house, some electro and pop) and digital sets, which are more varied and tend to combine different styles and genres in unpredictable ways.

The album player for “Pianissimo Possible” 




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