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Freska: Comanche (Traum)

This EP from producer Evgeny Bukreev is worth it for the A-side alone, a nice, coursing tech house anthem complete with fat, rolling bassline and square bleeps and accents. It breaks down in the middle with some lovely swelling synth pads, but it’s that main bassline refrain that gets me every time. His aesthetic seems to combine the hooks of italo-disco contemporaries (think Creme Organisation) with the chunky uptempo tech of Traum’s recent output, a combination that is generally quite successful — the crossover appeal is all in the bass sounds he uses, generally really fat synths that provide the driving force of each cut on here.“Week Manners” (sic) also includes a weird backwards vocoded vocal that nudges it even further in the italo-disco direction, but the nonsensical nature of the vocal keeps it neatly in line with the tech house paradigm at the same time. The digital version of the EP includes a bonus remix of “Mountain Ash” by Andrei Oid which is nice and functional but doesn’t have the same hook of the original, making it a better DJ tool than standalone effort.

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