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Celer: Capri (Humming Conch)

Celer were comprised of the husband-wife duo of Will Long and Daniel Baquet-Long. They began releasing music in 2004 and had an extremely productive and prolific run, beginning with years of self-released CD-Rs and albums and then moving into a more varied approach through a variety of labels and tactics, sometimes handmade short runs or limited editions.

Capri was recorded in 2009 in Capri, Italy, and it doesn’t particular stand out from their repertoire that I’ve heard (my listening is somewhat limited compared to the breadth of their backcatalogue), but it is a truly gorgeous ambient outing. Many of the short 29 tracks found on Capri are hazy, shimmering fields of color rather than songs – sometimes they suggest movement, but sometimes they are perfectly still and serene. The mood is actually somewhat neutral, despite ambient music’s tendency toward the melancholy. These tracks still are embued with some of that sweet sadness but it’s never cloying or feeling sorry for you; rather it has the warmth of light reflecting on a very still body of water.

The ponderous quality of Celer’s music here is magnified by the disappointing reality of Danielle’s untimely death mere months after its release. She was only 26 years old, and Celer has been dissolved as a project in respect of her passing.

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