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Forsberg: FM Volta (Mindwaves Music)

Forsberg’s FM Volta may be only 6 cuts long, but it packs some heft.
While an act like Akkord has taken some of the angular, technical
mechanics of Autechre and applied them to dance music and minimal
techno sounds, Forsberg’s glitchy sprawls feel like a sort of
amalgamation of old and new sounds of post-Autechre IDM (if that
ain’t a mouthful!). This may sound like a knock, but it’s actually a
high compliment; I find these tracks to brim with enthusiasm for
sound in a way not unlike much of Autechre’s post-2000 output, and
yet there is more traditional musicality to lend it a rather
different flavor, moodwise harking back to the more melodic sounds of
nascent IDM in the mid to late 90s, all good things in my opinion.

FM Volta by Sofus Forsberg

Nicely, though, it’s not just emulation. Forsberg has a sensibility
that makes itself clearer as FM Volta unfolds, whether on the
abstract, fidgety electro of “Take Fibrillo” or on the slipperier
groove of “Chineese Swamp,” there is a quiet confidence in this
music. It’s accomplished as purely sound design, but still manages to
wriggle its way into the ear by virtue of its subtle grooves. Fans of
some of the glitchier IDM of yore that’s circulated via esteemed
labels like Neo Ouija, Toytronic, Warp, or Schematic, to name a few,
will most likely find FM Volta to infuse its reference points with
Forsberg’s own personal touch and production that feels very much
current. Highly recommended.

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