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Band: Paul (Rough Trade)

have to admit… this took me completely by surprise! Thanks to
Boomkat for their year-end highlights lists, because otherwise I’d
never have even heard about this. “Paul” is an absolutely furious
monster of a track that channels the best elements of late 80s Swans,
Big Black, and The Fall in one ruthless wallop of a song. Its rhythm
section is deep and pounding while Dara Kiely shouts over it like
Mark E. Smith having a bad day.

“The Wrath of Nick Berry” sounds
more akin to vintage Throbbing Gristle or Suicide, with a throbbing
undercurrent pulse that serves only as a base for strange vocalizing
and effects. It’s definitely a B-side, considering the more
song-driven fury of their full-length, Holding Hands With Jamie, but
it’s a welcome departure all the same as a complement to one of their
best cuts.

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