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Lurka: Partials (Black Acre)

This oddball two tracker is a breath of fresh air, flaunting an enthusiasm for the weirder side of electronic beatmaking that so often characterizes Black Acre’s finest entries. “Partials” has a good full minute of takeoff before finally dropping a beat, and it’s a mix of a downtempo head bob and something a little more crude and urgent. Its kick and snare duke it out a good full minute longer before things get really strange — a pitch bent, portamento, metallic series of tones serves as “Partials”’ refrain, so to speak, kind of an anti-hook. It’s delightfully weird, clanging and staggering about like the most out there sounds from the MMM and Errorsmith camp. The angular illustration in its artwork is just how this sounds — jagged, unpredictable, irregular, yet strangely beautiful.

“Mach” sports a more conventional groove, a nice chunky bass kick and rim with some swagger. And yet again, those strange, metallic synth patterns enter the mix and give it a wooziness that is both fresh and off kilter. Both tracks make for potentially fantastic dancefloor diversions, particularly the second cut, exciting stuff for those keen on the blurred edges of leftfield bass music.

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