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Tumido: Nomads (Interstellar)

This absolutely scorching new Tumido release boasts a more fully fledged collaboration between its core members Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi) and Gigi Gratt (Ni) and newest personnel Mario Stadler (Fang Den Berg), who previously collaborated with Tumido on their previous Vakuum LP. Breuer’s drums are the foundation of these tracks, which are neither as infectious or throbbing as Elektro Guzzi’s material, but which are often much more visceral and physical.

Its dynamics are less tethered to dancefloor convention, and so change-ups are often dramatic and bold, with a big, thick sound that blends Breuer’s percussion with throbbing bass, squawking, raging brass and horns, and swirling psychedelia. I find the trio’s blend of styles, sounds, and ideas to be absolutely fascinating, a unique voice in a crowded musical landscape of imitators.

Turn to “Isny” for an example of a track that subverts all expectations, eschewing any of the percussion of the preceding tracks and focused on strange, warbling plucked strings before a thunderous wall of sound comes crashing in. It’s one surprising moment in a short album full of them; contrast it against the strangely pristine bright guitar of ‘Tommo” and its mutant, drippy, pounding drums, or the wailing cascading guitar of “Xaxim” against its plodding, Swans-esque lurch. It’s a compelling amalgamation of sounds, sounding unlike much else I’ve heard.

Available as a free download from Interstellar Records!