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Lineki: J’Adore La Musique (Italian Records)

“J’Adore La Musique” comes on nice and strong, though in two distinctly different modes here. The first feels distinctly electroclash to me, turn of the century dark, italo-infused pop. Its “Evolution Mix” tag points it in the direction of the future or at least in the same forward-looking momentum. It reminds me of the italo-anthem infusions of Northern Lite, Sascha Funke, or Carl Finlow around 2001-02. It’s clean and crisp melancholic disco perfection, complemented wonderfully by the “Retro Version Mix” on the flipside.

Built around a chunkier mid-range snare and thudding kick, it has a distinctly more true italo sound to it, harking back to the heyday of Lime & company while remaining relevant with what’s a pretty strong showing. They complement each other nicely, one with a cleaner sense of space and the other with a dense 80s nostalgia about it. Fans of turn of the century italo revival will no doubt enjoy this one as much as I have.

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