21 June 2014

Microfilm: “Is This It?” (James Broughton: The Music of His Dance Vol. 2, Friends With Benefits)

Happy to share the full version of Microfilm’s contribution to Friends With Benefits’ second tribute to the work of queer poet and artist James Broughton. Our contribution focuses on one of his well-loved short poems, “This is It,” in both a spoken recording (of Broughton himself) and a musical stage production. It’s a throwback to 90s acid and techno, but with a 21st century twist. Follow your own weird!

Friends With Benefits released the comp on June 17, just in time for Pride, coinciding with the release of the documentary film Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (highly recommended viewing!). Other artists on the collection include Hard Ton, Heartthrob, Lady Blacktronika, Gehno Aviance, Sparber, and Adonisaurus. Check out the full preview of the release below.

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This Is It

This is It
and I am It
and You are It
and so is That
and He is It
and She is It
and It is It
and That is That
O it is This
and it is Thus
and it is Them
and it is Us
and it is Now
and Here It is
and Here We are
so This is It

— James Broughton




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