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Low Jack: Free Pyjamas EP (Delsin)

Delsin is on a streak! This EP from mysterious producer Low Jack starts off strong with the rude rhythm of the title cut, with loops that sound in and out of sync layering on top of one another. It’s off just deliberately enough to sound just right, with details colliding here and there in approximate syncopation and then snapping into position. Vocal stabs and filtered phrases flesh out the groove, all held together by a deep, thudding bass kick and warehouse reverb. “LJ’s Jam” follows with more of the same industrial chug behind it, every sound with some thick room reverb or distortion on it. It’s raw and physical stuff, held together by Low Jack’s vocal loop (unintelligible among the layers of dirt and noise in the track’s mix). “The White Towel” also has a crunchiness to it that is gritty but less pummeling than the first two tracks. Airy pads give it more of a house groove, with some classic Korg M-1 sounding organ and, again, swirling, filtered vocal samples. Like the Erdbeerschnitzel EP that followed it, it’s nice to hear Delsin exploring some varied sounds on the outskirts of conventional house and techno, functional enough to work well on the floor but also unique enough to stand alone.

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