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It’s been a long time since I’ve played music out at a bar or club… here’s my best approximation at what I played last night at Trim Jones’ going away party:

Pan Sonic: “Tuerastamo” (Kulma, 1997)
Diamond Version: “Science for a Better Life” (EP2, 2013)
… & …: “Reinforcement G” (The Black Ideal, 2013)
Forward Strategy Group: “Code#3” (The New Formal, 2013)
Milton Bradley: “Sequence #1” (Inertia #3, 2012)
Seiji: “Elevator” (Seiji 1, 2010)
Marcel Fengler: “The Stampede” (Fokus, 2013)
L-Vis 1990: “Wires” (Circuits, 2013)
Rex The Dog: “Bonn” (Do You Feel What I Feel, 2013)
Lone: “Crystal Castles 1991” (Galaxy Garden, 2012)
The Knife: “Full of Fire” (Shaking the Habitual, 2013)
Ben Sims: “In the City” (In the City, 2012)
Donor & Truss: “Endo 3” (Endo, 2011)
Microfilm: “Romeo Rorschach (Pete’s Club Mix)” (Romeo Rorschach EP, 2013)
Disclosure: “Grab Her” (Settle, 2013)
Sound Factory: “Understand This Groove” (Understand This Groove, 1992)
Special Request: “Wall to Wall” (Hardcore, 2013)