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Now available: Microfilm: AggroPastels

We’re very excited to announce the official release of our third Microfilm album, AggroPastels. It’s currently available on Bandcamp and Emusic. (iTunes forthcoming; they screwed up the launch this morning.)

  1. Chemical Wings
  2. Romeo Rorschach (feat. Chanticleer Trü)
  3. Pretty Revolutionaries (feat. Sarah Nixey)
  4. Action Figures
  5. Brass-Knuckled Bowie
  6. Army Brats In Love
  7. Butch (You First)
  8. Penthouse (feat. Sarah Nixey)
  9. Emmannuelle XXX
  10. Lavender Courtesy Phone
  11. Icarus
  12. Airlock: Open
  13. Wolf Tears
  14. Romeo Rorschach (Pastorale Digitale) [bonus remix, exclusive to Bandcamp] 

Listen/purchase: AggroPastels by Microfilm