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Björk: “Virus (Hudson Mohawke, Peaches & Guacamol Remix)” (Biophilia Remix Series Vol. 3, One Little Indian)

A really compelling take on Björk’s “Virus” from her last full-length, Biophilia. I have to admit I sort of ignored the album on its initial release. Though I liked the breakcore frenzy that rounds out “Crystalline,” the album seemed like more of the sort of aimless vocal wander of Medúlla without any of the hooks. I’m more of a believer now, though, having listened to it in full finally, and while I do wish she would indulge in pop flair a bit more, it certainly has its moments. I couldn’t get behind all of the remixes that circulated after Biophilia’s initial splash, but this one is a favorite.