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The Traveller: A 100 EP (Ostgut-Ton)

The Traveller is an alias of techno producer RenĂ© Pawlowitz, and the tracks herein are a little ruder, less taut and refined than his usual output as Shed. “A 100” has a big fat reverberated drum loop that anchors it, with not much of a bassline and only repetitive phrases and a series of droning chords layered overhead. “Ber” feels a bit stopgap between the first and last track, consisting entirely of chords and melodic patterns without any rhythm section, but “Bypass” snaps back into it with a jabby bassline and clean deep kick drum. Both “A 100” and “Bypass” are likely to keep any floor moving, just rough enough around the edges to oscillate between playful and something more sinister, a nice addition to his substantial body of work.

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