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Tessela: D Jane / Channel (Punch Drunk)

2 nice chunky tracks from Ed Russell on the typically infectious Punch Drunk label… the A-side, “D Jane,” is a chunky four-to-the-floor number with clattering percussion and a whopping bass kick. It’s not so far off from the sound that Blawan’s really perfected and to which Randomer has recently taken. It really kicks into gear with a nice stabby bass hook which is really the only suggestion of melody at all here; otherwise it’s everything but the kitchen sink in a rude groove. “Channel” is more syncopated and broken in beat, with some pads and strings layered overhead to scatter some light on things. The repitched percussive stabs and samples remind me of the technical precision of Pearson Sound or Joe, not a sound out of place. I prefer the ruder A-side, but both cuts complement each other well. 

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