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Slackk: She’s A Vector (Diskotopia)

London producer Paul Lynch’s late 2011 EP under his Slackk alias is a curious combo of straight-up house beats with tinges of UK funky and bass music. “Act Nine’ kicks things off with a pretty straight forward house beat which evolves into some added riddim complexity, with the track otherwise consisting entirely of what sounds like synths played and quantized live, mistakes and all (which I love). It’s curious, a dance track that has no real bassline at all. This iciness may be why the label tips it off as "eski-house.” Nothing else is quite as infectious, but there are some other fun moments. “Girl Song” revolves around a repetitive vocal hook and a house arrangement, while “Mannerism” is a rude, buzzing synth workout. “Pub Crawl” is prob the best weapon for DJs with its abrasive, stabby syn-toms and syncopated groove, but my favorite is surely “Act Nine.” A handsome and unpredictable amalgamation of UK bass music, with Lynch’s fingers and toes in all kinds of sounds.

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