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The Third Man: Future Tense EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology)

Toby Leeming’s latest EP as the Third Man consists of 2 tightly crafted melodic techno/trance hybrids. “Future Tense” is the clear standout of the two, a really nicely progressive track that starts off unassuming enough. His approach reminds me of Aril Brikha, but a bit more front-and-center all around in the mix; by the time it really hits a stride it’s much bigger and more expansive than it might seem at first. My only minor gripe is that once it comes to a full boil, it never really recedes, not giving much of an outro for mixing purposes. But it’s a minor complaint; otherwise, this track is perfect. “More Than One” rounds it out with a nice coursing nightdrive theme, less urgent than the A-side but no less impeccably produced, erring more on the techno side than the trance flirtations of “Future Tense.” Outstanding stuff from Kirk DeGiorgio’s ART imprint, highly recommended.

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Listen to clips on SoundCloud since I can’t embed it here.