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Pearson Sound: Untitled (Pearson Sound)

One-off from post-dubstep-what-have-you producer David Kennedy, also known as Ramadanman. Pearson Sound has always struck me as more percussive and syncopated than Ramadanman, the name under which he’s produced some truly gorgeous techno crossovers and some melancholy grooves. This track is no exception, full of woodblock and handdrum sounds, all syncopated around a repetitive organ riff. What’s curious is that there’s no bassline to be found here, just some deep low-end toms to spruce up the dynamics. Otherwise the onus is entirely on drum syncopation and diced up vocal samples to keep things moving. It’s a fun and off-kilter groove, one that works well as a singular kick-off to his own imprint.

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