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Various Artists: Field 06 (Field Records)

There’s techno in the generic pop culture sense that people get excited about going to “the club"… and then there’s TECHNO. This is a no-nonsense set of tracks from deep, minimal techno artists on the vanguard of the latest and greatest. Delta Funktionen’s submersive "Work” does just that — it’s a great deep track that gets the ball rolling. ROD’s “Mlmkfr” is even more minimal, recalling some of the more mechanical moments of Robert Hood’s Tresor output, but less cold, with a bit more low-end and warmth coming through in the production. That’s something that’s nice about this collection; its sequence is thoughtful, and it evolves from the deepest and most severe sound into sounds that are more sleek and inviting. Mark du Mosch’s “L’Argeant” is unassuming but reveals itself to be a seductress about halfway through — totally gorgeous. Roberto Auser’s “Fatal Attraction” completes the evolution, dropping the beat altogether and opting for an airy, smooth set of pads and twinkling synths, a nice closing statement that contradicts the notion that techno can’t be simultaneously serious and emotive. I haven’t had the opportunity to check out the rest of the series, but if this is any indication it ought to be worth my while.

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