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Raime: Hennail (Blackest Ever Black)

Two tracks from the ghostly duo known as Raime, who I assume are the same people behind the Blackest Ever Black label (most of the releases are from Raime or somehow affiliated). I liken their music to the spooky post-punk that pre-dated goth rock, channeling the cool vibe of Joy Division and The Cure at their most ghostly. Martin Hannett would likely approve of their aesthetic with its spacious, crisp production. But what then of its plodding repetition and reverberated samples? That sort of thing that takes me back to the early days of Cold Meat Industry or Projekt’s “darkambient” releases… in a very, very good way, mind you! I think I prefer the 2nd track for that reason. “You Will Lift Your Frame Clear” combines rhythmic repetition with a wandering sort of series of pads and samples in a way that feels stately and classic. “Told and Collapsed” on the other hand is through and through “All Cats Are Grey” styled pre-goth sparseness, until taut currents of feedback and effects ripple through its final stretch; vocal yelps punctuate it with some added drama as well. It’s a cool timeless sort of sound, throwing back to that pivotal post-punk era with oblique references to what’s followed.

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