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O.L.D.: “Glitch (Rob Gee Gabber Mix)” (Hold On To Your Face, Earache 1993)

I really wanted to post the Mick Harris TR-808 mix of “Scrape” which is another track on this album and probably my personal favorite, but the only YouTube posts I could find were the Rob Gee gabber mixes. Still, I’ll probably always have a soft spot in my heart for this O.L.D. remix album, such a far cry from the actual music O.L.D. made, at least from what I heard in their later releases. (The Ultraviolence remix sounds like it was recorded on a cheap tape deck!) I prefer James Plotkin’s dark ambient excursions over his rock material usually, but these leftfield techno and gabber remixes hit the spot in any case. Such a time capsule, for when gabber was just spreading to America and dance music was evolving at a more rapid speed than ever (no pun intended).

Someone posted this long-gone remix collection on Rapidshare to download in parts. Seeing as to how I don’t anticipate this seeing the light of day as a deluxe remaster anytime soon (ha) it’s well worth a listen in my opinion. Check out the post here and get it while you can…