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Terrors: Lagan Qord (Weird Forest)

Terrors a.k.a. Elijah Forrest espouses an odd combo of doom drone and free folk on this collection of pieces from his repertoire. Apparently he has a healthy number of cassette releases under his belt, and for Lagan Qord Weird Forest has culled some of the finer moments of those releases and remastered them for a more formal CD/LP/digital release. There is still a fair amount of tape and surface noise on some of these pieces, but they sound respectable with Forrest’s songwriting and aesthetic coming through clearly rather than hiding under it. To me this is night music by and large, with a starkness and edge about it that only seems appropriate well after dark. It recalls the lo-fi haunting of Metallic Falcons’ Desert Doughnuts, sometimes awash in effects but at others quite plain and naked sounding. At times the sound can be dark, but many tracks on the release are quite lovely and tender, such as “Hit & Miss Iowa City (For Charles).” On tracks like “Wrought Iron Door,” Forrest’s voice sounds miles away, beginning to push his sound into the reverb-drenched territory of Grouper & co.; like Grouper’s Liz Harris, Forrest’s songs tend to come through despite any amount of effects or reverb. It’s a curious collection of songs and/or suggestions thereof, suitable for rainy days or late nights.

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terrors – lagan qord (album preview) by experimedia