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Cupp Cave: Dice Pool (Vlek)

I love the first track on this EP. “Thoughtograph” is a great name and its dorky stuttered percussion-fest is impossibly charming, tying old gear sounds into current dance music trends, managing to sound both old and current at once. There’s a definite acid house throwback to this stuff, capturing some of the spirit of that late 80s/early 90s aesthetic without sounding trite. In many ways this is similar to what Lone’s been doing with his material, throwing back to a long gone period of dance music with earnestness and sincerity. There are strong shades of Warp’s Artificial Intelligence era here, along with old Plus 8, 2nd wave Detroit, and more. But something here sounds more warm and less busy than an act like Lone, whose sound is so full-on, no less authentic though. The digital release sounds like it was ripped from a vinyl master, unless the suface noise is just part of the intended charm. But it’s good stuff either way, highly recommended for fans of artists taking the dance music of the early 90s and fusing it with current know how and perspective.

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