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Blawan: Bohla (R&S)
Blawan: What You Do With What You Have (R&S)

Blawan’s made a splash on R&S this year with not one but two really great 12" releases. The first, Bohla, is a 3-track headlong dive into acid tempered with a keen understanding of current trends in bass music. He is adept at harnessing the power of the 303 as much as he is at crafting punchy, strong rhythm patterns using a combination of found sounds and drum samples. The concrete sounds found in many of his drum tracks are what help set Blawan aside from the pack, with a physical quality that reminds as much of Einstürzende Neubauten as it does more traditional techno and post-dubstep trends.  The follow-up, a simpler two-track single, is more direct, less punchy and physical, but no less infectious. “What You Do With What You Have” is an almost-anthem with its pitched down vocal refrain and more immediate four-to-the-floor kick, while on the flipside “Vibe Decorium” is a healthy complement, more tracky than ever. What the newer 12" lacks in uniqueness compared to Bohla, it surely makes up for in being just so damn GOOD. Looking forward to more from Blawan, with these two under his belt already being quite compelling as a new voice.

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