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Babe Rainbow: Endless Path EP (Warp)

Considerably less on-trend than his previous outing (2010’s Shaved EP), Endless Path is a more unique set of instrumental electronic tracks from producer Cameron Reed. While Shaved made numerous references to dubstep and its various offshoots, Endless Path seems to be on its own more distinct course. The digital version on iTunes includes 2 bonus tracks, running a total of 25+ minutes, within which he includes a variety of ideas. The sounds include spooky chillwave (“Set Loose” is probably the most accessible track), moody hip hop (“Greed,” featuring a vocal by Yung Clova of G-Side), beatless ambience (“Chains”) and some less easy to categorize explorations, like the nebulous “The Spill” or the shifty bonus title track. Solid stuff, pointing in the right direction as he continues to assimilate but move beyond trends into something all his own.

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