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Coco Bryce: Polaroid Sunset (MYOR)

Weird lo-fi downtempo jams from Papua New Guinea here on this 7"/digital single. The title cut A-side is almost entirely cut-up samples, vocal fragments and stabs all syncopated over a buzzing bassline and chiptune-like bleeps, strangely infectious. “Ginormous Bliss” rounds it out on the flip. It’s a worked over treatment of +verb’s track by the same name. In contrast to “Polaroid Sunset,” it’s a smoother jam, less angular and sliced though the bleeps and buzz are still present. Vocals loop over the groove, pitched low to the point that they’re incomprehensible, but somehow I have a feeling that doesn’t matter. These are both cool cuts from the weirder side of post-Fly-Lo downtempo.

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Coco Bryce – Polaroid Sunset by cocobrycebeats