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Two Dogs In A House: Dog House (L.I.E.S.)

This four-track EP from the duo of Jason Letkiewicz and L.I.E.S. label owner Ron Morelli is a headlong dive into dance music of the past, sounding not only pretty authentic in terms of old acid house as an aesthetic but also sounding like it was made on old equipment and even potentially mastered on tape. Thankfully it’s more than sheer nostalgia; the tracks themselves are quite good. There’s a certain night-drive angle to these, like the moody synth strings and reverberated rhythm section of “Gone Stray,” or the tight delayed drums of “5th Floor.” “Scream in the Night” has a sweet clarity that recalls the more crisp moments of Warp’s Artificial Intelligence days (B12, Black Dog). Perhaps not the most innovative sound you’ll hear, as it harkens back so much to the past, but it does so with a keen sense of loyalty and smart musical sensibility.

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