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Two People In A Room: Two People In A Room (Home Normal)

Michelle Hughes and René Margaff comprise this ambient duo named after Wire’s song from 154. Despite the name reference, their music here sounds very little like Wire (at least from that period, if not really at all). This is heavy-lidded guitar music, patient in its unfolding and layered with effects and treatments. It has much more in common with Kranky acts like Labradford (especially circa A Stable Reference, sans vocals) in its combination of droning atmospheres and clear, simple, slow guitar patterns. Each of the five pieces on the album has time to evolve, clocking in around 9 or 10 minutes, taking most of the themes to meditative extremes in a good way. When closing track “Been Trying To Meet You” fizzles out in a quick digital decay, it’s sad — I want it to keep going. 9 minutes or 19, this is music that cannot overstay its welcome.

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some tracks of “Two People In A Room” (our CD release on Home Normal – unmastered versions) by Two People In A Room