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Stillbirth: Toward Sailor (Hospital Productions)

This mini-album by Luke Moldof is split into 2 long segments. “Serotonin (Placing The Son By The Sea)” starts it off with a prolonged piece of delayed guitar and bent strings before dissolving halfway through a series of drones and overtones. In its final moments, the guitar comes full force in fuzzy chords with a racket of drum machine patterns and effects, pinned down by a wailing tone of feedback overhead, resulting in something like Merzbow gone shoegaze. It ends even more abruptly than the crescendo began, suddenly starting its second act with an even more patient series of affected drones.  "Melatonin (At Rest. In Bed. On Deck.)“ is a strong series of hyperbolic crescendos, starting with a tense series of drones (of varying dynamics) and growing in scale and density to extremes before abruptly starting anew. Each time the loudest point ceases, it’s unpredictable as to what’s going to happen next — the results vary from ear-splitting high frequencies or delicate ambient concrete sounds and anything in between. It recalls some of the more extreme dynamics of experimental acts like The Hafler Trio or Illusion Of Safety (particularly the latter’s love of a false sense of security in listening). Like the first piece, "Melatonin” ends with a bold sonic statement, piggybacking on the crescendo forms that precede with a rhythmic thunder of reverberated percussion that hits a screaming climax in its final throes. Overall it’s a compelling listen, using its length well across both halves — very dark stuff.

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