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Ill Blu: Meltdown (Numbers)

I don’t know much about Ill Blu, but "Meltdown" is a jaunty future garage number that hits all the right notes as far as I’m concerned. It clicks in a manageable tempo that’s more house-friendly and is carried mostly by syncopated snares and low-end percussion. Its refrain of chords and detailing is a really nice counterpoint to the more physical side of its rhythm tracks, which is egged on by a punchy, persistent bass-snare combo. “Meltdown” is definitely the main attraction, though its two companion tracks serve as variations on a theme, incorporating many common elements while functioning as standalone tracks.  "Overdose" is a nice portamento-led alternate take on the same idea, working on the same staggered, punchy rhythm structure. “Chelt” dives headlong into a 4/4 bass kick and little odd breathy samples that recall Kraftwerk before bringing back the staggered snare that can be heard on all three tracks. It’s very much a cohesion of what’s happening in dance music right now, combining elements of dubstep, house, garage and more into a homogenous sound.

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Ill Blu – Meltdown EP (3 Track Sampler) by Numbers