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Mist: House (Spectrum Spools)

Mist is the collaboration between John Elliott of Emeralds and Sam Goldberg of Radio People. It showcases the pair’s interest in analogue synthesizer music, focusing completely on synthesis and vintage gear. The result is a gorgeous cascade of melodic arpeggios and warm pads, as heard immediately on the opening track “Twin Lanes.” I’m reminded slightly of other artists exploring the same loose area of electronic music, such as Fuck Buttons (who are far more aggressive) or Oneohtrix Point Never (who is far weirder), but most of all it’s clear that one of the key players for Emeralds is involved. If Emeralds is more bombastic, perhaps Mist is then the more cinematic counterpart, focused more on cyclical sounds and patterns that are mesmerizing. It gives it a moodiness that I don’t always get from Emeralds, especially here on tracks like “P.M.,” which makes the sound of the setting sun a decidedly gloomy one. But elsewhere the mood is brighter, such as “Mist House”’s percussive arpeggios and swooning, drawn-out chords. There are tinges of prime 70s Tangerine Dream or even Terry Riley in the sound, especially with the liberal use of sequencer arpeggios throughout the record. However, it’s a handsome piece of work that manages to transcend its influences by virtue of being both eerie and uplifting, showcasing the duo’s complementary talents.

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Mist – House – Mist House (spectrum spools) by pdis_inpartmaint