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Sleeparchive: Ronan Point (Tresor)

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a new record on Tresor… it’s been way too long. Then again, I haven’t been feeling the sort of bangers that Tresor is known for in some time, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that my first re-entry into the label in a while is this off the wall EP by Sleeparchive. Anyone who’s listened to Sleeparchive in the past will be satisfied by the sounds that emanate from herein, with “Ronan Point 1” kicking things off with his trademark sine-wave beeps and reverberated hi-hats, channeling the ghost of vintage Pan(a)Sonic as much as ever. At times these truly feel like DJ tools, such as “Ronan Point 3”’s seemingly locked groove that stops as abruptly as it starts. It’s a healthy combination of Tresor mechanical techno and the clinical pulse of Sleeparchive’s past material, not without a chuggy groove but also not necessarily content to fall in line so cleanly with the typical banging kick of Tresor’s legacy. Inevitably listening to Sleeparchive’s more dancefloor-compatible material makes me think of Coil’s “Disco Hospital” — the title would be appropriate for most of this music, beeping and pulsing and breathing in time.

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