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Wedge: Eyes Closed (If.Symptoms.Persist)

Through his various exploits, not the least of which is founding and running the If.Symptoms.Persist label, Bristol producer Wedge has been a fairly significant figure in the UK dubstep scene for the last several years. I’m playing catch-up, and his newest EP is my first real impression. The tracks herein maneuver through space deftly, with syncopated drum patterns and samples that fall into place just right. “Eyes Closed” shudders with droning pads, staticky drum effects and manipulated vocal fragments to sound spooky and aloof. It recalls the more delicate moments of Apple Pips or Hotflush acts Scuba or FaltyDL, crossing seamlessly from the more cerebral end of the dancefloor into pure headphones bliss. “Reaching” dips its toes into chilled out 2-step, never quite hitting the strides of late by acts like Re:Sketch or Submerse, but compatible nonetheless. The more straight-up drumming of “Lost Love” combined with its field recordings and vocal utterings lends it a more upbeat vibe than the previous two tracks, helping balance the mood of the EP out with a dash of subdued optimism.

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