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Actress: Harrier Attk (Nonplus)

This 12" from Actress follows up his oddball Splazsh with two distinctly different sounding tracks. “Harrier Attk” on the A-side is a slow downtempo groove, a drowsy head bob for the duration. It shares Splazsh’s knack for a middle ground between crusty lo-fi and something more nuanced and detail-oriented. Despite the plodding main drum loop, there are some subtle shifts in texture and ambience happening continually in the periphery. The B-side, “Gershwin,” couldn’t be more different, sounding much more like a cut on the Clone label than anything else in Actress’s repertoire that I’ve heard. It’s an uptempo electro track with tinges of italo-disco, bubbling with arpeggiated synths and basslines. It’s an unusual choice to combine the two cuts, neither of which would have necessarily sounded quite at home on Splazsh, but which sound practically unrelated. But that schism is part of the overall appeal of Actress to me, never quite knowing what to expect, and with these two cuts he pushes toward the extreme far ends of that his already-large playground.

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