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Ana Helder: Cómeme 008 (Cómeme)

This is an odd little EP from Argentine Ana Helder, crossing over between different electronic microcosms and managing to straddle different eras in the process. “Complicado” starts things off with a vaguely Giorgio Moroder quality to it, all early 80s chugging Italo meets electro with a tinge of cinematic flair. There are far stranger moments, though, such as the snare-rushing “Buena Puntería” which blends in tinges of South American rhythm amongst the jittery 808 electro sound it channels quite well. “El Groove de Tu Corazón” references the undying spirit of acid house, but its goofy sample patterns kill it for this listener; “Next Club,” on the other hand, captures the same feeling with a better result, full of gasps and grunts that propel it forward. It’s not surprising that Matias Aguayo helped out on a remix of the latter, considering that Cómeme is Aguayo’s label and the track is ripe for adding a touch of his own. “Mugre” continues the acid house theme, again full of strange, punchy vocal samples and a visceral quality. The vinyl is a four-tracker, but the digital release includes the remix as well as a collaboration with Diegors (the oddly syncopated “Camuchi”). The penchant for repetitious samples and vocal bits alongside vintage gear sounds makes Helder’s release feel not entirely of this time, embracing the nostalgia that continually courses through electronic music but with an authenticity that is disorienting.

Watch/listen: Next Club

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