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Stephan Mathieu: Remain (Line)

Remain is one long, epic track from ambient experimenter Stephan Mathieu. He released it as part of a stunning double-whammy in February (coupled with A Static Place released on sister label 12k). The source material of Remain is Janek Schaefer’s Extended Play, which Mathieu has manipulated through various means into this hazy cloud of sound. Much like the bright gradient on its cover, Remain is less a composition and more an impression of residual sound… a trace of what preceded. It doesn’t so much glide from one place to another as persist in space and time, inert and enveloping. The crinkle of vinyl carries through at times, giving it a layer of warmth that is both human as well as detached (implying that the source material is indeed one step removed). For me Remain is best experienced with eyes closed and the volume turned up, carrying you through space as though falling — falling so indefinitely that it no longer feels like motion at all but rather weightlessness. And when it finally fades away, I almost with I could disappear with it, leaving only a trace behind.

Watch/listen: Remain (excerpt)

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