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Yellow Swans: Going Places (Type)

Portland noiseheads Yellow Swans final release Going Places is a hazy dream. It works well as their final bow, shimmering with a bit of woozy gloom. It’s not a long album, clocking in around 45 minutes over the span of 6 tracks. It starts with a roar with the crackling, bristling haze of “Foiled,” all drones, percussive clatter and vocal wails buried under a wall of reverb and distortion. The main attraction is “Opt Out,” a 13-minute crescendo of blistering noise. It begins with textural stereo sound but gradually piles on layers of distortion and drones, lending it a gloomy quality as it grows in scale to mammoth proportions. The rest of the tracks show more restraint, erring on the side of a more tonal drone and less overt noise, but they all share the reflective bit of sadness that’s found in the opening tracks. Perhaps this is projection with the simple understanding that this is the duo’s final release together as Yellow Swans, and so it feels wistful in its finality. But the final soar of the title cut that ends the album points toward the possibility that this is merely a stopping point in the longer haul, and that the minds behind Yellow Swans are indeed going places, places unknown or even as of yet undiscovered.

Yellow Swans – Going Places by _type

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