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Montgomery Clunk: Superbus (Error Broadcast)

Superbus is an amalgamation of many current sounds in downtempo electronic music from this Bucharest-based producer. It writhes and crinkles and clatters with a looseness that suggests improvisation, even though it’s all been constructed meticulously, most likely. Lots of snares that consist of a variety of different sounds in loose unison (think 5 different “clunks” — hence the name — hitting around but not at the exact same time) provide a sort of woozy, drunken groove in the instance of most tracks here. “Heat” has a really great chomping snare that works well with its bright synth patterns and buzzing low-end, and despite its ramshackle surface, “Asspirations” actually goes down quite smooth with a nice combination of melodic patterns and effects. “Entourage” is perhaps the most accessible of the bunch, with insistent organ chords that ground the track from all the other assorted glitches and timestretched weirdness surrounding. But my personal favorite is “Work Your Pitch,” which has a more melodic hook, really chunky chords and fat bassline to pull it all together. It’s a great, dizzying collection of short albeit dense tracks well worth your attention.

Watch/listen: Heat

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