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Delta Funktionen: Setup One: Decorum & Setup Two: Fusion (Delsin)

Niels Luinenburg is the mind behind minimal techno project Delta Funktionen. His aesthetic is generally rather clean and precise, drawing on the conventions of the genre but infusing it with some tricks of his own. Setup One is the smoother of the two, a nice introduction to the set. Its techno tracks are a little more seductive and soft, combining crisp, tight sequencing with lighter synths and a healthy amount of contrast. “Abundance” demonstrates this contrast quite well with its persistent percussion patterns pushed up against squirmy reverberated synth phrases. “Erosion” is a handsome ambient floater that closes out the 12", a nice comedown from the preceding tracks. Setup Two takes us a bit further into territory that’s tougher, leaner. Some of the softer edges of Setup One have faded from view and the tracks have a little more bite. The nice contrast of depth is still present, combining clean, upfront sounds and airy, deeper reverb and delay, but the tone is darker. “Eruption” in particular eschews any real suggestion of melody and opts instead for a variety of textural synth scrapes and skittering arrays of percussion. “Conflict Data,” the last track on Setup Two, is a chuggy, punchy techno track that ought to get any floor going. It will be interesting to see where Luinenburg takes the series from here… I’d be curious to hear him explore more of the dense ambient space found on “Erosion,” but he seems quite adept at navigating any and all of these areas of minimal electronic music.

Watch/listen: Abundance

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