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Siriusmo: The Plasterer Of Love (Monkeytown)

Siriusmo continues on his trajectory out of the dark center of electrohouse into something far more elusive, brighter and more exciting with this EP of quirky tunes. The title cut is a true anthem with its goofy bassline, buzzing synth leads and sprinkled piano melodies, but much like his last EP, the real standouts come later in the tracklist. After the humorously scatterbrained “Catharsis Impossible,” we are treated to the jubilant bounce of “Blaue Sonne.” The best track, however, is the ultra-strange pop of “Einmal in Der Woche Schreien,” bursting at the seams with synth zaps, strident chords and a highly manipulated, repitched vocal, cut apart and stitched together around the track, with a killer breakdown in the middle. The musical refrain is just so damn infectious, borderline cute, but weird enough to be something more. Oddly enough, this EP was reissued about a month after its initial release this summer with an extra track and 2 videos. I didn’t download the videos, but I did grab the last track, “Loosie,” which is not bad but does sound slightly tacked on. It’s a much faster, electro-tinged track with goofy samples and pizzicato strings throughout. While the tracks on this EP might not feel quite as unified as some of his past efforts, they are still definitely worthwhile. Siriusmo is a producer who typically rises above the crowd with his unique arrangements and less common songwriting, and most of the cuts here are no exception.

Watch/listen: Einmal in Der Woche Schreien

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