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Stars “The Five Ghosts” (Soft Revolution)

It’s about time – Stars has come back to making a full-blown pop album. They’re so good at it that it was always a bit unfortunate that they went down the scattered, twee path of their last couple of albums. Don’t get me wrong, though, each of those albums has had some really special moments to be heard, but nothing had the same near-effortless appeal of their earliest pop albums which brought together elements of rock, synth-pop and folk. The Five Ghosts finds them exploring electronics more in the mix, with a few straight-up synth tracks like “The Last Song Ever Written” and “The Passenger.” Amy Millan shares vocal duties significantly more here, a welcome change-up because her voice is actually very nice. Standouts are the bright pop rock of “Wasted Daylight,” the chunky chorus of “We Don’t Want Your Body” and the lo-fi dance-pop of “The Passenger.”

Watch/listen: “We Don’t Want Your Body”