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Sebastien San: Stellar Winds / Continental 12" (Echocord Colour)

Sebastien San (nĂ© Sebastian Pastore) put together this unassuming 2-tracker for the limited Colour imprint of Echocord. Pressed on delightfully vibrant green vinyl, these two tracks of minimal techno are way more melodic and way less dubby than I anticipated, given the records I’ve heard from the label before. “Stellar Winds” is persistent and repetitive but has a nice clean melodic bassline to accompany its delicate arpeggiated synths. It’s a lovely track although I have to admit it leaves me wanting a little more, just some sort of drama in its arc that isn’t there. That criticism aside, however, it’s quite nice.

“Continental” on the B-side is a little more utilitarian; its chords and tones work in tandem with the rather straightforward minimal drum programming and oddly work well together despite sounding like they’ve been plucked from different start points. It’s a track that would work quite well blending others together, never quite falling into a particular key and completely lacking a bassline. It’s an odd one by those standards, never coming close to the beauty of the flipside but still likeable if only by virtue of its self-restraint.

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