2 March 2017

Child: Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle, Vol. 2 (Editions Mego)

Child is best known for his now legendary repertoire as Surgeon,
having released pummeling techno since the advent of early 90s
Tresor. While his output under the moniker has afforded him some
generous latitude, particularly in releasing on his own imprints
Downwards, Counterbalance, and more, he’s now released two volumes of
beatless synth music under his proper name. This second volume is
comprised largely of languid, undulating synth patterns and effects,
often stripped back to just a few layers. In this sense I consider it
a healthy complement to his latest as Surgeon, wherein modular synth
patterns layer to create visceral, tough techno; in this case,
however, the music is more pastoral and reflective, recalling similar
terrain explored by M. Geddes Gengras on his Collected Works albums over the
last few years, to name just one comparison. While these collections
are curveballs for Child, they feel less singular and distinct than
his most recent Surgeon output. They plug into the contemporary synthesis
zeitgeist in such a way that they could sit comfortably next to
anything on Spectrum Spools (Donato Dozzy and Steve Hauschildt come
to mind in particular). Thank heavens, though, that music is meant to be heard and
felt rather than merely compared and analyzed! Because for all of
these likenesses and comparisons, the collection is undoubtedly solid.

Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 2 by Anthony Child

It feels
stark and pensive, Child’s inward expression of his lush Maui
inspiration. That I’m listening to it again and on a flight to Maui
at the moment seems somehow perfect — priming my ears and spirit
for the paradise awaiting when I touch the ground. Fans more plugged
into Surgeon’s harder edge may or may not find the groove in these
more subtle and subdued productions, but I find they offer just the
right amount of peace and beauty in contrast. Recommended.

(Also, check out this recent profile on Mr. Child as published by The Quietus.)

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