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Metrist: The People Without (Resin)

I don’t know much about Metrist as an artist, but I was hooked when I heard the rude sounds of The People Without when skimming new releases on Boomkat. The hybrid of squelchy, abrasive beats and odd, angular sequencing hits a lot of the right spots in my ears, combining industrial grit with an uptempo swing that lends it to the dancefloor for more adventurous DJs.

“Letch” starts things off, with a broken beat that writhes and chugs for the duration, while harsh leads grind away. I’m reminded of the more straightforward rhythmic moments of Ekoplekz or the harder moments of Randomer (but never honoring the impulse to go for a four-to-the-floor kick), sharing that same affinity for distortion and reverb that feels crude and intense but not without some flair. That same broken beat chug appears on “Symphony for the Palpitation,” which is my favorite track of the bunch. Its repetitive synth arps are all the right kinds of intense and gloomy while its beats are chunky and dense, feeling simultaneously urgent and morose. The title denotes the throb at the core of the track appropriately, heaving continuously as the arrangement evolves and flourishes over its duration.

The heaving continues on “Cowlick,” probably the most abrasive of the four cuts here, nary a sound left clean or untouched, all rough around the edges and within. “Stanza for the Weak” is the only track that drops a more expected techno kick, still with that industrial edge and a harrowing lead and bassline that recall the most nightmarish moments of Aphex Twin over a more traditional pulsating rhythm section. All in all, Metrist’s tracks here are likely to appeal to fans of the more industrial-crossover side of techno and dance music, perhaps a kindred spirit to artists or outlets like Perc, Randomer, Stroboscopic Artefacts, or Diamond Version, but with a distinctly crude edge that actively tints and enhances the music. 

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