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Army of God: Salvation (AOG/Delsin)

I don’t know much about Army of God, but this first 12" single is well worth a listen. The original track is fairly dour, smacking of the same melancholic goth club dancefloor stylings of Trust, looking back to the past but with an edge that feels current. The vocal is alternately sulky and yearning, giving its mid-tempo italo-disco sound a little bit of extra emotive swoon. The dub mix strips out most of the vocals, faithful to the dub mixes of the 80s, sprinkling vocal bits throughout while the backing track is slightly reworked. Oddly, the dub mix is mastered much louder than the original (I suspect the original has a little more dynamic range, though), but it serves its rather tool-like purpose well enough. But the real magic is in the Spaventi d’Azzurro remix, wherein he reworks the chorus into a soaring, inspiring anthem while the verses have a much richer low-end and patterns that recall equal parts Legowelt and Peter Dundov. It turns the gloomy original into something much brighter and more lush, a real standout. Synth-pop and goth DJs would probably enjoy this as much as italo-disco and “witch house” (groan) fans, as it straddles those worlds with relative ease.

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