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Plaster: Monad XV (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Plaster’s entry into Stroboscopic Artefacts’ quite reliable Monad series consists of four heavy-handed, post-industrial techno hybrids that fit neatly within the label’s overall sensibility. These are rhythmic beasts that demand movement — whether it’s bodies reacting to a live PA or the involuntary bobbing of one’s head as the music chugs through a good set of headphones. “Quasar” packs some punch with its syncopated bass kicks and vaguely industrial grind, a handsome opener. “Uret” ups the ante a bit more with its heavy low-end and plenty of kick drums, with an urgent, repetitious alarm-like musical refrain. It’s probably the most up-tempo track here, more qualified to work into a techno set than, say, “Tangle,” which is far slower, with a chugging mid-tempo groove.

Its intermittent white noise snares and unrelenting sixteenths give it a more ferocious physicality than the other tracks here, but it is particularly nice as a complement to the faster clip of the preceding pieces. “Libra” is even more patient, but far more of a dub excursion, with plenty of reverb and pads to fill out its more skeletal rhythm section. It’s particularly dark stuff, recommended for fans of Lucy, Lakker, Pan Sonic, or the more distilled, industrial side of electronic dance music, lean on melody but packing a wallop.

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