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Nine Inch Nails: “Came Back Haunted” (Hesitation Marks, 2013)

I had no idea David Lynch collaborated with Trent Reznor for this one until now. I dig the track, which sounds to me like an amalgamation of all of NIN’s styles (throwing back a bit to Pretty Hate Machine but definitely with his current production chops and unique palette of sounds). I certainly approve that he’s moved toward dance music a bit more here and away from the screamo stuff.

As for Lynch’s part, it’s not the best thing he’s done. But the disorienting close-up on Mr. Reznor makes me yearn for Laura Dern’s fascinating facial contortions in Inland Empire, and that’s not a bad thing

Curious to see their new tour although I’ve not yet committed to it. The last time I saw them was in 1994 in support of The Downward Spiral, with Marilyn Manson and Hole opening. It remains one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen.